At REMI we believe in caring for what you invest in. We use high-quality fabrics that offer great stretch, allowing our garments to hold their shape even after multiple wears.  This means less washing is needed saving water and time, while protecting the overall quality of your set. So let's do our best to keep them looking like the day you bought them for years to come!

While we all love a quick and easy way to dry our favourite outfit so we can get right back to wearing it after laundry day, the reality is you run the risk of shrinkage (even when preshrunk) due to the cotton content,  and potential damage to the integrity of he human-made materials such as elastic, spandex and polyester. These materials that we love so much for their durability, stretch, and shape retention, may lose their form and shape when exposed to the high temperatures in your dryer.

In addition to heat damage, tumbling your garments in your dryer can add unnecessary friction, causing your garment to be susceptible to pilling.

Air drying your REMI sets, or ANY clothes that contain elastic, spandex, or polyester is the way to go!  This will make sure to keep the integrity of the garment, allowing for longer-lasting wear. 

We also advise turning your garments inside out prior to washing. This will help minimize the appearance of wear by having friction due to washing happen on the inside of the garment instead of the outside. Washing in cool water is always best! Not only does it help with the cost of your water bill :) It also slows any colour fading and avoids shrinkage.

TIP: Most washing machines have a spin cycle at the end of the wash which removes most of the retained water, this will help speed up your air-drying time ;)


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