Hi, I’m Amy, 

Founder and Creative Director of REMI the label.

REMI the label started with the vision to create comfortable travel outfits that would look good even after hours on the plane. I had no immediate plans to pursue the idea but the world had other plans for me. When the pandemic hit and my employment situation was impacted like so many others, I asked myself, "if not now, then when?" and the rest is history. REMI was born during a global pandemic.

As fate would have it, the original vision for travel wear turned out to be the perfect fit for working from home. So after months of design changes, obsessing over every detail and sourcing the perfect fabrics, REMI's first collection was born... and what a collection it was!

The Original crewneck and jogger set was available in 3 colourways, a custom pendant necklace (designed in collaboration with graphic designer Alexis Livingston),  a simple layering chain, hair clips, and hoop earrings. 

Since then, REMI has dropped not one, not two, but three collections: The Original, The CLOUD, and The RELAX collections. All with a focus on comfort and quality, providing beautiful silhouettes that make them the perfect choice for anyone looking for an everyday lounge set. And let's not forget about the basic tees, baseball caps, and the several new jewelry pieces that we now offer.

But don't get too comfortable, folks, REMI will continue to offer limited edition neutral tones each season, occasionally dropping new styles as the brand grows. So, if you see something you like, you better grab it before it's gone because most of REMI's products will be limited edition and will not be re-stocked.

In short, REMI's story is one of adaptability, comfort, and great design. If you're looking to lounge in style, then REMI is the label for you.